Kickr Climb not syncing properly with Zwift rides

I have been enjoying riding on Zwift for about 6 weeks now. I am using Apple TV, an iPhone with the Zwift App, a Wahoo Kickr, and a Kickr Climb. Once I figured out to get everything working, I was very pleased with the set-up. Unfortunately, in the last week, on 3 separate occasions, I have started to have problems even before I get on the bike. When I log onto Zwift and select a route to ride on, the Kickr Climb starts going up and down even before I get on the bike. When I get on the bike and start pedaling to warm up before I start the ride, the tension on the Wahoo Kickr doesn’t seem right. The Kickr Climb continues to go up and down. When I start the ride, as I go up or down hills, the Kickr Climb continues to oscillate. I have tried to disconnect and then reconnect the Kickr, the Kickr Climb and the Apple TV in the hopes that would help, but it doesn’t. I would appreciate any suggestions for how to figure out this problem, so I can go back to riding instead of spending time on the internet trying to get things to work again.

Hi @Carl_Holowaty

The Climb should be paired to, and is controlled by the Kickr trainer, not by the Zwift app. Please make sure that they are paired correctly per Wahoo’s instructions.

Wahoo also has some very helpful guides to troubleshooting the Climb unit.

I would definitely check to see that you are at 100% trainer intensity assuming its paired correctly to the wahoo trainer , you have run a spindown and made sure its calibrated correctly (I do it in both Wahoo and Zwift for good measure) and confirmed the blue button is lit up on the far right. I found that those 3 things were critical.

Good luck the unit rocks

I too am having the same issue, and it’s getting worse:

Post: /t/wahoo-kickr-climb-lag-or-delays-in-grade-variations/498788

FYI - Intensity is at Max

At the point when I ride on Zwift, the opposition on my bicycle doesn’t change with the good and bad times.