New kickr bike gradient issues

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could help. My new kickr bike came this week and it’s brilliant. Really impressed with everything, but I cannot get the automatic gradient to work at all. I’m not in a workout or I’m ERG mode… my software is the latest update… and the padlock is unlocked and not locked On the bikes side display, but when I select a route and go for a ride the only way the bike goes up or down is by using the buttons on the handlebars.

Very frustrating and would really appreciate anyone’s feedback who could help.

Thanks in advance.

Try adjusting the Trainer Difficulty setting. On my KICKR Bike I don’t even really notice the incline adjustment if it’s 50pct or less. At 100pct it’s very noticeable, like riding a bucking bronco, haha.

Same issue here and another friend.
I have trainer difficulty to 100% but still can’t get any automatic up and down on Zwift.
I also noticed the calibration doesn’t work when i do it .

I’m on Apple TV


are you using on iPad, PC, Apple TV ?



-Make sure that you have unpaired the KICKR BIKE from the Wahoo App. (forget the sensor) then pair to Zwift.

Then, insure that the KICKR BIKE is in unlock mode and that you have selected a ride that is in SIM mode.

Planned workouts in ERG mode do not include grade simulation data so the KICKR BIKE will not respond to grade in planned workouts.

Please note that the grade change is very smooth, if the grade is changing from 1, 2 , 3 % you may not be able to realize it.

I would suggest selecting a SIM ride that has a lot of climbing. Find a steep hill and you should be able to notice the grade changing


Yes! Great txs