10-20 second resistance lag... anyone else?

Anyone else having insane lag on Zwift today? The resistance and Kickr Climb consistently lags 10-20 seconds compared to the view and the gradient in the upper right corner. I’d hit a short steep section, then about 15 seconds later give or take it kicked in. In addition, it would sometimes set the resistance seemingly completely at random, like nothing at all on a 9% grade only to then quickly return to something more sensible.

Not that many around today, pretty sparse - but then AdZ is hardly ever crowded.

Apple TV 4K on wired ethernet and 30M/250M business service from Xfinity. There’s nothing else running on the ATV4K and it’s set to auto update apps. The last mile is fine:

— ping statistics —
51 packets transmitted, 50 packets received, 2.0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 10.522/13.767/23.573/2.891 ms

Either way, network hiccups can’t explain such ridiculous - and consistent - lag. It has to be a backend problem. And the occasional loss off all resistance on the Alpe really has to be a bug (maybe data starvation).

Anyway, I gave up on Zwift for today.

I would see similar issues with a Saris H3 and wired Apple TV along with Zwift Companion during a workout to the point I would just give up and go over to Fulgaz. I have noticed the more crowded the route the worse it gets. So lately try to select routes with fewer riders.

I think its the same issue of too many users at one time like I see providing tech support to students writing online exams and the learning management systems cant handle the load.

might be worth a look at this thread to see if it is similar to what you are experiencing:

Had the same yesterday and today. It’s really annoying. Sometimes it’s like spinning at 10% and having big resistance at 0%. I’m using ATV with Kickr Core and Companion App. Made some tests today and I think it’s very likely the android companion app in combination with ATV and kickr which causes the trouble. When I didn’t use the android app the problem was gone…but have to retry it tomorrow to be sure.

BTW, I use the iOS ZCA on an iPhone 12 Pro, but connect the Kickr Core and HRM directly to the ATV. I do get a ton of lag if I try to connect devices via the ZCA, so don’t. Like maybe a couple of seconds at the very most, nothing like the reporting here (a second or less IMO only makes it difficult to draft). My ATV has 1.12.0, so hasn’t updated the app yet.