ATV / Kickr Core resistance lag

My set up is Wahoo Kicr Core with ATV4K running Zwift app 1.17.2 (all updates done). As far as I know this is a very common configuration for Zwift users as ATV can playback on a large screen. During free cycle in SIM mode in France ride this morning the resistance lagged my position on the road by 120 seconds. To me the core functionality of Zwift is varying my trainer resistance to the gradient on the screen - everything else is essentially secondary as without this the game does not really work. I have had this problem for 4 weeks since the 1.17.0 release. Two questions: how can Zwift release an update when the core functionality jeopardised in this way and why is it taking Zwift so long to fix such a fundamental problem?, At the moment the Zwift ride features random resistance which is not what I am paying for.

Sorry you’re having trouble. My post can’t answer your questions about the whys and wherefores of Zwift HQ, but there have been many reports of similar sounding problems with Kickr and ATV or Mac OS.

Some folks suggest there is a workaround of rolling back Kickr firmware to an earlier version. See below:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your reply. I believe you are right - I think the Kick Core 1.1.1 update has caused bluetooth connection issues with the latest Zwift update. I updated to 1.1.3 a couple of days ago and the resistance does now seem to synch with the gradients. Hopefully thats the issue resolved until the next round of updates!

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Looks like I spoke too soon! The resistance started wandering all over the place with firmware update 1.1.3. Reverting back to the firmware prior to 1.1.1 has fixed the problem. It seems that the Zwift software has not been updated to reflect Wahoo Kicr Core updates from 1.1.1 onwards. It would be nice if they could let us know hen that happens. In the meantime I will stick with the update prior to 1.1.1

I’ve just backdated my firmware after three disastrous days in zwift!