Funny resistance Wahoo kickr

Sorry if this has been addressed before.

The other day I had to quit a race due to a tech issue I had not experienced before. The resistance on my trainer started going haywire. Hard-easy-hard-easy. Then it progressively ramped up to where I had to stop, I literally couldn’t not turn the cranks. I’ve done a bunch of races and rides and this has never happened before. My warmup before the race was fine, then this stared happening a little bit in the pen. It subsided and then really ramped up about 5km into the race. When I came to a stop I checked the pairing screen and everything appeared to be in order

Zwift on Macbook pro (catalina)
Wahoo Kick (2017) paired via ANT+ (controllable trainer)
Favero Power Pedals paired via Bluetooth (power source)

This has been my setup for many, many rides.

Many thanks.

I have the same issue. Let me describe my experience. I bought the KICKR at start of the year (2021). The resistance worked fine, but after a few months my resistance also acted funny. As i encountered this many times, i started to see a pattern and I’m pretty sure now it has to do with a timelag. This timelag also increases over the session:

  • So at the start of a session if i hit a slope (ascent), my Smart trainer increases resistance with minor delay.
  • But if i’m 30minutes into a session this delay is multiple minutes! So during a descent of a climb i start feeling the resistance.

My way to deal with it: putting the Trainer Difficulty ‘off’ . This has the disadvantage in races that it’s harder to push higher Watts for me on Ascents as there is no natural higher resistance.It takes some fun our of races, and definitely some performance.

Zwift on MacBook pro
Wahoo Kickr 2018 paired via ANT+

My internet connection is fine.

I like to add that there is no delay in displaying my poweroutput. So if i push harder, my watts go up immediately in the Zwift app. So it seems just the communication from the ZwiftApp to the KICKR about the current slope information is wrong/lagged.

You need to downgrade the Kickr firmware, it’s a known problem.