Inconsistant smart trainer control after Zwift update

A software update was pushed to my mac today 15th January 2016 as I started to load Zwift App.

 When complete I paired all my devices as usual (the app auto fund them as usual) and off I rode.   However almost immediately I got a resistance change that was much greater than the 1% gradient should have had it at, then it started to ease and became lighter than it should and then settled for about 200m and then I got a massive increase in resistance, felt like some of the steep KOM sections.    this occurred on and off all the way through the first lap of Richmond, but seemed to ease a bit towards the end.

So for the second lap I took notice and the resistance controls in the first half of Richmond course were very very erratic, I was using 500w @20kph in a 1% descent at one stage.  Again in the second half it seemed to ease somewhat although there was still little correspondence with the gradient on the screen.

To aid troubleshooting, I noted an exact part of the course where the resistance increases dramatically.  So, from about 300m out form the finish line / start line in Richmond, if you ride to the last set of traffic lights BEFORE the line then between the lights and the line Zwift increases the resistance of my Wahoo Kickr to what feels like the maximum.   I am 34 on on chainset and 26 on cassette, and up out of the saddle grinding for all my worth! The screen gradient is about 1.8% i think but this feels closer to 15-16% on my Kickr.

Note, nothing else has changed in my set up…apart form now running the latest Zwift update.

Should I be raising a ticket, is this a known bug or will this settle down?    Note, I intend to try again tomorrow and if it is still the same I will definitely raise a ticket

Hi Stevie,

We haven’t noticed any change on our end (we have two KICKRs in house). There might be a slight chance it’s hardware related but we’re going to look into it.

What firmware is your KICKR on? You can find out by using the Wahoo Mobile App to find out.


Firmware v1.3.32


I think this is the current version



Hi guys, I see another software update was pushed today.   its not made a difference I am afraid, still changing the resistance to extremely high whilst the richmond gradient is declining.  I will log a support ticket…

I am having the same problem.

So, turns out this IS A HARDWARE ISSUE. Wahoo tech support have confirmed my Kickr has a faulty strain gauge and needs to be sent back to the supplier It was just an unfortunate coincidence that the fault appeared straight after a Zwift software update.


I have raised a ticket for this but you can now cancel that guys - thanks