Power low with Kickr bike after updating

I did the update today, 12/16/2021. I am using Kickr bike with Apple TV. After the update, my power is much lower. I seem to have to ride 3-4 gears higher to get the same power. The power also seems to drift down while I’m riding. I can feel I’m putting out a higher power than usual but seeing less power on the screen. Similar problems happened with updates in about June and August this year. I did a firmware update on the Kickr bike which did not make a difference. Thank you for your help.

I contacted support. They recommended disconnecting everything from Zwift then reconnecting. Impressively, that worked!

In hindsight, I realize I noted the problem a few minutes into a group ride, after I entered the pairing screen as my HRM wasn’t working correctly. I shut down Zwift, which didn’t help. This morning, I unpaired and repaired the bike and HRM and everything worked correctly.

Thank you Zwift support.

Thanks for posting your resolution, Alan. I was all set to expect the worst on this mornings ride. :slightly_smiling_face: