Kickr Smart Bike Power Issues

I bought a new Kickr Smart Bike and went to ride on Zwift and the power keeps dropping even when I’m in the hardest gear. what I mean is that I will change gears and the power will come up with the cadence and as soon as the cadence is constant, the power drops to like 60. I will shift to a harder gear and the power will come up, but as soon as the cadence stays constant, the power drops.

any ideas what may be going on?

I contacted support and got boiler plate answers asking me to check the firmware on the bike is up-to-date (which it is) and to calibrate the trainer. informed them that one can not calibrate the Kickr Bike. rec’d another response saying the calibrate the bike and talked about ERG mode which one doesn’t use for rides (only workouts) and that they can not give refunds which I didn’t ask for.

any help would be appreciate as I love riding on Zwift. btw, no issues with Trainerroad in ERG or resistance mode.

Did you ever get any resolution on this?

no. I sent the Kickr bike back and got a refund.