Me, Zwift or the Kickr

Hi All
I have an odd quandary that I can’t solve and could do with some help please.

I have a wahoo kickr 17 connected to Apple Tv4k via Bluetooth. My zwift bike is my TT bike which has a power meter.
Recently my rides (starting with s1 TdZ) have been really really tough despite the avg power being well down.

Before Christmas I was sitting with the B pace partner for a couple hours and now it seems I’m struggling to hold D pace and being spat out of the pack!

Power seems to reduce down to anywhere between 50 and 120 w as time goes on despite a steady cadence and steady HR.

The kickr has had a spin down and the advanced spin down which passes. I’ve even compared the bike power meter fit file to the zwift file and they’re not far apart!!!

Is it possible for zwift to incorrectly control the trainer even though 2 power meters align? Or are my legs scrap? (I don’t feel fatigued in general pre ride and even had a rest day before this evenings s2 tdz which felt awful and way down on power on that course)
At one point riding down the Innsbruck lump I super tucked but to get the pedals moving again caused a 400w spike and felt like starting off in erg mode!

Thoughts… do I buy new legs or a new kickr?

Did you try to duel record and analize on Zwiftpower

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Yes, that wasn’t without problems as it looks like the bike pm which isn’t being used for zwift has a low battery and had quite a few power reading drop outs but the cadence was ok :man_facepalming:t2:

On the whole both Power meters agree which makes me feel like the legs just can’t work despite me not feeling tired prior to riding. But it’s almost like you’re in slope mode and constantly riding a hill before any gradient changes !

A few examples of oddness

Super tuck down Innsbruck, flywheel on kicker comes to a stop in a few seconds after pedalling, when I start to pedal it’s solid as if in Erg and I needed a 400w spike to get it spinning again…… on a 10% downhill!

Riding up the leg snapper at the end, I’m doing a steady 75ish cadence in a gear much higher than I normally have to use, I’m out of th saddle and power was falling to single digits but it feels like I’m pedalling squares!

I’m totally baffled if it’s me who’s dropped off a cliff with no obvious signs or sensations why, or something strange is going on. It sounds bizarre to say you don’t know your tired., I was certainly wrecked last night after it! Hr read like it was a tempo/sub threshold ride, but power z1

I’ll be riding outdoors today, that should give at least an indication of the legs !