Kickr snap power issues - new trainer or power meter

As per the title. My Snap is playing up. Seemingly known power fluctuations issues. In discussion with Wahoo support, so hopefully they might solve it. Question is if it’s not curable, do I buy a new smart trainer, or invest the cash in a power meter (probably Garmin Vector pedals)?. I’m assuming I can keep Zwift controlling the resistance, whilst the Garmin provides the power readings. Reason for Vector is my trainer bike is not my outdoor ride, so will be able to swap between bikes easily. Will need to swap from SPD-SL to Look cleats though.

I would get a refund if at all possible. I had a Kickr Snap and the power accuracy was a joke. Had it replaced and the replacement was just as bad. Got a refund and bought a Hammer. The power of that is within 2% or so of my power meter. The Snap was all over the place. Wahoo support were useless and said the problem was my power meter (that’s when they could be bothered to reply).

Thanks, but can’t see refund being a possibility as its about 2 years old. That’s why I’m thinking power meter and keep the Snap.

Oh right. Nah, you’re stuffed.

BTW check out the reviews of Garmin pedals before buying. Lots of people have had problems. I’m running Assioma Duo pedals and these have been problem free.

Thanks - will do. The reviews I’ve read so far seem ok for the 3rd generation. But will do more research.

EEK. Thanks for the heads up. Seems I was wrong about 3rd gen Vectors. I had read DC rainmakers review and all seemed ok. But there are loads of unhappy owners out there.