Power dropout on iOS after latest update

(Jack Cooper) #1

Power dropout!

I have been riding on Zwift for 18 months, having ridden around 4K kms and never had any kind of power dropout.
After the latest update 8/01/18 I experienced two in just one ride (my trainer lost connection)

iOS on iPhone
Tacx Vortex

(Gary Ervin) #2

I’ve been having the same trouble.  I use the mobile link to connect my desktop with my CycleOps trainer.  I dropped out three times during Stage 2 of the Tour de Zwift.  

(James Solis TeamODZ) #3

Running Zwift on iPad Pro. Rode London for about 45 minutes today and experienced power dropouts for a couple of minutes before things went back normal.  Running first gen KICKR.

(. Scotty II) #4


I’m experiencing the same problem, Rode in a 50 minute group workout this afternoon, and at least 10 times, the power would drop to zero, and come back up within a few seconds. I have never experienced this previously on Zwift.

Wahoo Kickr Snap, iOS iPhone, WIN 10 Surface computer, ANT connection 

(Wade Keller) #5

same thing happened to me.   Only have so much time, and this is frustrating.   Happened a few times over the past week, both before and after the update.


(David Martin) #6

Same problem here :face_with_raised_eyebrow: