Power dropout on iOS after latest update

Power dropout!

I have been riding on Zwift for 18 months, having ridden around 4K kms and never had any kind of power dropout.
After the latest update 8/01/18 I experienced two in just one ride (my trainer lost connection)

iOS on iPhone
Tacx Vortex

I’ve been having the same trouble.  I use the mobile link to connect my desktop with my CycleOps trainer.  I dropped out three times during Stage 2 of the Tour de Zwift.  

Running Zwift on iPad Pro. Rode London for about 45 minutes today and experienced power dropouts for a couple of minutes before things went back normal.  Running first gen KICKR.


I’m experiencing the same problem, Rode in a 50 minute group workout this afternoon, and at least 10 times, the power would drop to zero, and come back up within a few seconds. I have never experienced this previously on Zwift.

Wahoo Kickr Snap, iOS iPhone, WIN 10 Surface computer, ANT connection 

same thing happened to me.   Only have so much time, and this is frustrating.   Happened a few times over the past week, both before and after the update.


Same problem here :face_with_raised_eyebrow: