stats did not update after crash

I’m sorry for this post because I know this has been previously answered but I can’t find the file and I’m not sure what to call this situation.

I use a PC only. No mobile app.

Today, while Zwifting, the program seemed to respond kind of jerky for a few seconds then act normal for several minutes then get  jerky again.

After 50 minutes of this and climbing 2500 feet, the program just froze.

I kept riding for a few minutes hoping it would unfreeze so I could end the ride and save it.

That did not happen. Nothing would work . No mouse ,nothing.

I had to do a hard restart.

I’m sure this was a computer glitch on my end and I have since run my anti virus programs and my computer is working fine.

But my ride, specifically my credit for climbing, did not get saved.

I checked my activities and it recorded today’s ride but the progress on the extended Everest challenge did not update and I’m still stuck on 99 pizza slices.

What file do I do I do something to and what do I do to it?




Unfortunately, as far as know, it is not possible to upload files to Zwift.

I believe this is a requested feature for all the reasons you have outlined.

I guess ‘they’re working on it’ is the only answer.

It may be worth submitting a official ticket to see if those nice people at Zwift can help.

I just completed the Everest Challenge myself and know every foot/meter of climbing has taken work.


Keep Climbing!

I had the exact same issue happen today as well. I was 89 miles into the Bear Mountain Endurance Century Training Ride and my PC froze exactly as you described and nothing I could do would unfreeze it short forcing a reboot. I didn’t get the mileage credit for my Ride California Challenge. But what really upset me was I was only 11 miles away from getting the 100 mile Badge and I had plenty left in the tank to finish the whole ride. Argh!!! The ride does show up in my activites and I was able to manually download it to my PC afterwards and manually upload it to Strava successfully. When I view the uploaded activity on Strava it looks fine, just like any other activity that is automatically synced from Zwift to Strava. So I don’t know why they shouldn’t be able to adjust the Challenges to reflect the work completed since the proof that it occurred exists.

Ah Gregg, that is a tough break!

The route I ride usually gives me 3500 feet climbing in about 70 minutes so I only lost an hour.

You lost more and I feel for you.


Thanks Paul.

I took your advice and submitted a support ticket and I included Gregg’s account so maybe we both will get our stats updated.

Thanks Tim.

While having to ride again to get credit is not the end or the world (heck that is why we joined Zwift, so that we can ride more), it is just when you are so close to finishing and you get denied that the frustration occurs.