Ability to replace incomplete zwift .fit file with full local version

I’ve had multiple instances of some sort of internet connectivity issues during rides. There’s no way of knowing when it occurs, until the save/upload fails at the end of the ride. Zwift will save some amount as an activity (30 out of 100 minutes for example). I can access the full .fit of the whole ride on my local PC. This is great to have to salvage for Strava/tracking, but a way to edit the zwift activity and replace the errored .fit file with the full one from my pc would be great. Plus it could allow me to still get credit for workout completion/drops/level up points. It can be frustrating to work in a scheduled ride and then not receive “credit” in the game.

Gordon I fully agree. I just completed Stage 4 of the Tour of Watopia and only showing a partial ride. Terrible day in the saddle and now not getting credit for it. Not fun and not fair. I have up voted!!

Make sure you also vote up the existing requests (there are archived ones also) so Zwift knows what the users want: Upload fit file to Zwift