Upload fit file to Zwift

Good luck with that (don’t remember what it’s supposed to tackle, tbh, but the late night chuckle is appreciated).

I’ve experienced this on three separate occasions since joining Zwift less than a month ago. My Zwift reads only 300km in that time even though it should be over 400km.

This morning’s workout didn’t save or upload to Zwift/Trainingpeaks but the app behaved as though there were no problems and gave no warning. I found the relevant .fit file and it is entirely intact and contains my entire ride. Why can’t Zwift check for local files that are well formed and ensure the server is synced to include these.

I appreciate there will be some concern around faking .fit files and uploading fake rides etc. But this is already a known problem with Ant+ controllers where people create fake rides anyway. There will always be people who want to cheat, but don’t adversely affect the experience of users who are playing properly by trying to thwart a small group of cheaters.

My local .fit file didn’t upload to my dashboard due to my WiFi issues. I contacted support to see how it could be uploaded after the fact. Support said that, due to “technical limitations”, if a .fit file was not uploaded at the end of a ride, you’re basically SOL. So, Zwift is technologically antiquated as compared to Strava and other third party sites, which allow files to be uploaded manually if the automatic upload did not work?

So, I do a training ride, earn almost 1000 XPs, and then don’t get credit for them? That doesn’t make for a happy camper. If I was Zwift management, I’d be embarrassed about this.

Ditto - lost my hour ride tonight but found the file intact in my desktop activities folders. Also - side note - I was riding solo didn’t see any other riders though it told mt there were 2,000+ riding in London

This usually indicates you have lost your network connection, next time wait to save and exit until after you have checked on your wifi or modem/router.


Hi Kevin,

Think of Zwift as your bike, Road and Garmin Cycling computer, if you go out for a ride and you forget to start your garmin or your garmin battery die or you lost your garmin then your .fit file is lost. You cant upload that fit file to garmin or strava.

So make sure you have WiFi before saving.

I think Strava don’t care what you upload, you can make your own fit file and load it to strava, but in zwift if you make your own fit file you can unlock all the game lavels and bikes in a day, you can mess up all leader boards. So uploading fit files to zwift is a risk. Also fit files has a fixed format, so I don’t think zwift can write a header to it.

I have the same issue, I finished a 2:20 workout (part of a training plan) and never upload to Garmin. I found the .fit file and manually upload to Garmin (ok for me, but not for all users). But I detected now that the workout no was upload to Zwift, then it was not marked as complete, then to continue I need repeat the workout… It is a very critical bug, because the .fit file is into the system, then the program could re upload it automatically with all fraudulent controls.
Dear Zwift Programers let’s work on it, you can.