Allow Saves Without Exit

I agree, Please oh please can you fix this issue, as sometimes i do a ride and afterwards want to save the ride and then continue riding as a cool down afterwards. But currently i must stay in the session and this effects my stats. James from Beckenham, Kent.


Agree 100% - pain in the rear having to log back in after saving


Yes totally agree. Would be a big plus to me as my internet connection is sometimes poor and takes ages to reload. Please do this :+1:


I agree too

I started another topic about this earlier, apologies about that as I didn’t realise this thread was here. I think it would be a great idea to implement the save with no exit option.

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A thousand times yes to this.


Yes I agree, always thought this should be a feature

Gets my vote as well.

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I agree! Getting in a nice warm up before an event and wanting to save the segment separately is highly desirable yet quite difficult to do in the current form. I also have event connectivity issues (based in China) so it’s stressful, indeed, to have to log out and then try to log in again in the few minutes before an event starts, just to be able to save the workout! I’ve missed out on being able to join a few things in the past.


I think this feature is requested from the very begining!!!
Of course, you have my vote!

+1 from me. Should be a standard option…

I agree. Being booted every save is an inconvenience. Would be great to have the option to stay in Zwift.


Yep, need this feature

Why is this still not the case anyway ? are they playing Zwift at Zwift ?


Yes! And display and save summary/stats screen when saving the workout.

Yes. This would help with brick sessions

Allow saves without Exit yes! that would be great.

Yes, please!

+1 from me on this. RGT gets it done quite effectively!!

Just throwing in my “Yes, please” since in my opinion this is a much needed feature and would be very welcome!