Allow Saves Without Exit

(Markus Nübel [R2]) #42

Yes, save, exit and then start a new session, without logging of or terminating the game. Please.

(Tim Moomaw ) #43

I completely agree. This would really make things more efficient.

(Steve Bourgeault) #44

I’m also for it but i’d have an alternative. Would it be possible to have an option to tell the companion app that we are switching to recovery (after a race lets say) so that our metrics for the race dont get mixed up with our recovery. i would support all the rpevious comments about quiting and logging back in to create a separate ride for recovery.

(Zach Johnston) #45

My question is how is this not already a thing? In terms of user interface and quality of life, this is a grade F feature. : /

And not to pile on, but you should absolutely be able to access the menu BEFORE starting a ride. There is zero reason to not have this, I cant think of any game that doesnt enable some form of setup/preference editing before launch.

(Lcc ' Super'sham) #46

agree completely. i am new to zwift and simply cant understand why you cant access a dashboard from the game start position, and when you are finished your ride. makes no sense…

(Christopher Grote (B)) #47

I’m not that bothered by the lack of this feature, but I do consistently hear this mentioned by friends and colleagues alike as their top complaint with Zwift

(Gregory Lewis) #48

Plus 1 from me!

(Rob Lewis ) #49

Like many i can’t understand why this isn’t just a standard feature, but it needs to be more than that, we need to be able to access the dashboard, save rides, create new workouts without having to log in or out from the whole game and , change worlds without having to log and out

(Oliver Bird) #50

I’ll add my voice to this - apparently it’s to do with needing to save/close the activity ‘cleanly’ - no idea why you can’t do that and keep Zwift open!!

(Cash Coyne) #51

Please. Please do this! It is so frustrating! Particularly because Zwift takes so long to restart.
As a developer, I really don’t see why this hasn’t been done long ago. It should be a relatively simple change. And it would be of far more benefit than adding another road or turn or graphic or doodad and take less dev time to do it!

(Pitch Blank) #52

Bring it on!

(Anton Kovalnogov (B)) #53

We have asked for this simple feature for ages. As a software dev I can not get why it is still not implemented yet. I have to stop pedaling after the race, get off my bike, go to TV, dropping swear, turn it round, then get into the chair opposite to PC and start zwift again… Just awful!

(Marko Hlibchuk Ⓥ) #54

Is there anyone who would prefer the current setup? Likely not so just make the change.

(Pitch Blank) #55

(Vladimir Karban) #56

1000 x Yes

(Adam Fowler) #57

This should be a given. I was always shocked that Zwift quit when you ended a ride. It should return to the frontend menu. It feels really amateurish that this isn’t the case.

As an aside all the menus should also be available from the frontend menu.


I don’t even know why I’m bothering to agree to this, the Zwift dev’s really don’t give a #^@&. about the little things that make something great. Emails swapped with various help staff over the years have pretty much confirmed this. We can sit here and yap about it till the cows come home and they are just going to ignore it. They might read it but they aren’t going to do anything about it.

If they care they would have put it in right at the start. Not exactly difficult to do. Since so many other programs have the feature. . .even non subscription programs / games.

(John Ships Bradley) #59

I’ve just started Zwiftng and this log out issue was apparent from the first time I used it.
I see this long chain of justified complaints but not a single comment from anyone at Zwift !
Do you guys not read this nor care?
If the rest of Zwift is going to be the same and its just about making money then I’m not sticking around for long

(Pitch Blank) #60

a wise zwifter ones said:

so bring it on.

(Guillaume Pourtalet) #61

It should be an easy fix.
Especially since the price went up on December 3rd, I am just being so annoyed by this.
So please make it happen soon.
Thank you.