Allow Saves Without Exit

(Markus Nübel [R2]) #42

Yes, save, exit and then start a new session, without logging of or terminating the game. Please.

(Tim Moomaw) #43

I completely agree. This would really make things more efficient.

(steve bourgeault) #44

I’m also for it but i’d have an alternative. Would it be possible to have an option to tell the companion app that we are switching to recovery (after a race lets say) so that our metrics for the race dont get mixed up with our recovery. i would support all the rpevious comments about quiting and logging back in to create a separate ride for recovery.

(Zach Johnston) #45

My question is how is this not already a thing? In terms of user interface and quality of life, this is a grade F feature. : /

And not to pile on, but you should absolutely be able to access the menu BEFORE starting a ride. There is zero reason to not have this, I cant think of any game that doesnt enable some form of setup/preference editing before launch.

(Lcc ' Super'sham) #46

agree completely. i am new to zwift and simply cant understand why you cant access a dashboard from the game start position, and when you are finished your ride. makes no sense…

(Christopher Grote (B)) #47

I’m not that bothered by the lack of this feature, but I do consistently hear this mentioned by friends and colleagues alike as their top complaint with Zwift

(Gregory Lewis) #48

Plus 1 from me!

(Rob Lewis) #49

Like many i can’t understand why this isn’t just a standard feature, but it needs to be more than that, we need to be able to access the dashboard, save rides, create new workouts without having to log in or out from the whole game and , change worlds without having to log and out