Allow Saves Without Exit

(Dale Brown) #62
  • 1 from me too!!

(Arno Raats) #63

Zwift you need to fix this OR simply respond… can’t be that difficult.

(Jon Bartlett) #64

I find this very frustrating. Another menu option rather than exit would be great.

Cooling down option after cycling
(Sean Basinski) #65

Agree! As a new rider - still in trial mode – I am still working out the kinks. Having Zwift shut down each time I finish a ride is so frustrating.

(Eivind Lia) #66

+1 clearly get’s my vote as well :slight_smile:

(D C) #67

you’re crazy, the price went up over a year ago.

(Guillaume Pourtalet) #68

My price went up only on December 3rd of this year (2018).
The lights are on but nobody’s home …

(D C) #69

the price went up in november of 2017. zwift thought it was pretty cool of you to be an early supporter, so they gave you a whole year at the old price, something they really didn’t have to do.

with the amount of whining so many of you are doing about losing their grandfathered pricing, zwift probably shouldn’t have even bothered giving you guys that year of the old price. seems like hardly any of you are grateful for it at all.

(A) #70

depends. if grateful means playing beta tester for enhanced prices … no thanks. there is so many unfinished business. users go up year by year. i dont see any reason to enhance pricing. better spend money into quality than quantity. zwift is great but with so many things unchanged over the years it is becoming more and more unattractive :sleepy:

(Guillaume Pourtalet) #71

I am only whining about the fact I have to exit upon saving a ride. The price increase makes things harder to accept.
Low price = low expectations.
Higher price = higher expectations.

(Charlie R. Japadermawan) #72


any idea if it is ever going to be implemented?

(Anton) #73

Only if another 120 millions $ investment will be received)

(Daniel Baker RMACC 4820) #74

Yes please implement this ASAP

(Mattias Holmgren [fJant] ) #75

Voted. Fix this :slight_smile:

(Paolo Cecchini5714_ZHR(H)) #76

+1. FIX ! This.

(Glenn Cobain) #77

Make it so number 1…

(Smart Earthi) #80

Yes, I agree with you!

(Christian Boyce) #81

Gets my vote. Zwift said back in 2015 that they were going to look at this!!

(Chay Mckenzie) #82

Gets my vote. I find this a really pain.

(Mark Rougeux) #83

Yes yes yes. In conjunction with being able to access my profile, settings, customization, etc. without having to start a ride. How silly is that?