Running average power for ongoing segment in workout mode

I’d love to see running average power of the current segment displayed in addtion to current power.

To be able to hit longer segment targets precisely and shorter ones at all. Currently it’s very hard for me to hit the 200% 10-15 second segment targets, I always overshoot or undershoot. With the long ones I have no trouble hitting the target zone but I’d like to be more precise, right now it’s just guesswork. The avg display would help in both cases.

As a bonus, it would also be very cool to see an averages of previous, already completed segments, next to the colored segment lines at top left corner.

I realize this is only relevant if ERG is turned off. But that’s how I run it.

EDIT: I know it basically exists because it’s available during the 20min FTP test. So the quickest solution seems to be just to enable it by default for every segment in workout mode (when ERG is off). Now I see it has been asked here for so many times… So, a cheap way to make many die hard customers happy.

Thank you for your time!

There is a way to add this to any custom workout. I need to find out how as I want to do that to some of my workouts too. I think it’s a Miller video. Ah, found it.

“show_avg=1” is the magic answer.inserted before the last 2 characters

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Yeaaaah, well. I know that. But I don’t really want to go through every default Zwift workout, find a way to export it or download it and add that attribute for each element. Import it back. For every day… I wish they just enabled it by default. It’s like such tiny change/cost needed. But thanks for reminding this option. I might consider looking into it :slight_smile:

But then someone at Zwift have to do it for 1% of the user base. You only have to do 7 a week.
All zwift workouts is text based, I am sure a simple VBA macro could do it.

Zwift bundled workouts are not text based but in one a binary file. You can extract them to an XML manually via user interface and then modify. If you know a way to extract them programmatically or in some other way from the .wad file, please let me know.

About the change request. Zwift would only need to do 2 things:

  • change the default (implicit) value of this flag from false to true in code. That’s one/few characters in one file. If their code is somewhat reasonable.
  • reposition the display of average because it currently overlaps with “increase/decrease speed/cadence” message.

Anyway, never mind, I realized I’m not going to see an improvement by Zwift based on what I’ve seen so far, so I spent half an hour to create a script for myself that adds explicit attribute to every step of every .zwo file. Still have to manually extract each workout as I didn’t see a quick way to extract them from the workouts.wad binary file. Again, if anyone knows how, please let me know. And still, I cannot move the location of the average display :frowning:

And the 1% user base isn’t really a factor, here’s an example of feature that 99% of the user base has wanted since the beginning and it still hasn’t been done :D: Allow Saves Without Exit

This is another feature that would be available if we had Display/HUD Customization as is standard on cycling computers.

I think you can get most of the workout files here.


How do I download the workouts that are part of a training plan? I see the download button for custom workouts but not for those already in zwift.


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:disappointed_relieved::fearful::tired_face: That is not possible. I hope they will be at some point.