Ride more than one circuit on a ride

Hi Guys, my request is to ride more than one circuit on a single ride, since today it is not possible. If I choose one circuit, like Mountain, i will complete it and must end the ride to start a new circuit.
Would be very nice to complete one circuit and after that, without endind the ride, start a new circuit.

Thanks. Renato

Vote up this thread, it only has 1000 + votes… maybe if we get to two thousand they will notice? :yum:


You sure you voted? ('cause the vote count was 0 when I voted…)

Let’s go for 2000 votes! This will sure not go unnoticed with that high of a vote count!

Hi Mike,
unfortunately, this feature will only be implemented by Zwift if we all want it.
One fellow Zwifter I follow, who shall remain nameless, says they don’t want this feature, so we are scuppered.
“Ride On”

Wishful thinking…


I meant to vote for the existing thread that I linked to, but Troy is right, it’s hopeless :sob: