Out of touch

Zwift is losing its touch, seems they could care less about what “we” want or think anymore, the amount of complaints are rising but Zwift seem to be moving on and ignoring old and existing user issues, Google Zwift Workouts and you are bombarded with people who are frustrated with the inability to alter scheduling, worse than that you see see old Zwift replies from years back telling users to “stick with us, something new on the way” … Zwift is becoming a facless money making machine and that will be it’s downfall

Hi Fred,
I hope you are mistaken, however I hope Zwift reads your post and
acts on it.
I’m sure they are doing lots behind the scenes, but I’m not sure they
always tell us what they have improved, or have fixed, or are currently fixing.

Fingers (Spokes) crossed.

Don’t forget, people who have no issues won’t write anything anywhere how good or great anything is.

It’s the same thing with fb groups for trainer support or similar.
Tacx Neo FB group looks like the product is total crap, because people ask for help with issues, nobody every writes that it works just fine or that they don’t have issues with it.

It’s the same with Zwift.
You’ll always find the negative, never or rarely the positive at first.

And the amount of development Zwift put into the product over just the past year and a half has been enormous. But don’t forget, it’s a different product and it has an huge wide range to cover and you will never make everybody happy. So you focus on the majority, bummer if that leaves you out, but then again, maybe you should focus on something more positive.

Btw, other products have similar issues. Similar products to Zwift or not.

Best and ride on!

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Do they fix 3 or 4 years old “allow saves without exit” issue? Allow Saves Without Exit Which has a loads of user votes. End of story.

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That is not a issue that is a user request. There are many things that people want but at some point Zwift has to give priority to some.

Many of us has been asking for better Racing environment. Ride leaders has been asking for more Leader controles.

But Zwift made huge steps in some parts of the program. They redone most of the code so that they can support Apple stuff, I would think that was a huge effort that took al lot of time away form game development.

It is an issue annnnddddd Zwift have spent years replying to user with the usual bs replies like " thanks that’s something we need to look at" and " “good feedback we have plans to address this issue” (their words not mine) …but similar to the ridiculous issue with users inability to manage the training schedule, they have done nothing but move on and ignore us… They are heading in the wrong direction.

They are heading in their direction, that might be wrong for you, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong direction. However, I do see very little feedback from Zwift and acknowledgement of bugs or easy fixes being implemented.

I would like to see Zwift provide some insight into what their priorities and current projects are. It seems like they have a great deal of capital and have increased staff but the improvements don’t seem to be coming much faster. There are a number of issues that have been repeatedly requested for a long time (and seem easy to implement) that have gone ignored. I am thinking of things like retaining PR data for more than 30 days, not having to exit the program to do another ride, creating your own route, pacer bots, etc. They finally got around to addressing world choice, but it came out of the blue after 2 years of user nagging. I don’t mean to bash Zwift, I am a generally satisfied user, I just don’t think they do a good job of communicating with the user base


I understand your anger as I’ve been told not to ride in the new Watopia as I constantly get kicked off, I’ve been waiting for a fix for to long now, when will the fix happen? But did I mention that Zwift is still taking my full monthly payment of me, if they gave everyone that gets kicked off Watopia a deduction in their monthly subscription I’m sure they would be quick to fix it