Cool Off Feature

Is it just me or some of you find yourselves shutting Zwift off to cool down while looking at your walls so that you lower power and speed output do not skew your ride’s numbers?
I’d love for Zwift to add a Cool Down button so we can properly cool down at the end of every ride.
If it’s a group ride or race the “Continue Riding” or “Cool Off” option should automatically pop up.
Yay or nay?

I never understood this, for me the cool down is part of the work and will not skew the numbers.

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could you just make a custom workout? just have a ramp down segment for as long as you want?

Yes. The warm up and cool down do affect the averages for the ride. But time in each zone (power or heart rate) is a more useful summary of the ride than average speed, average power, or average heart rate. The cool down time does not affect time at sweet spot or threshold or beyond threshold.

If it’s that important to you, you can quit the ride, start a new one and cool down inside Zwift. Then discard it at the end if you don’t want it on Strava.

How does Zwift know what’s your workout and what’s a cool down? I see no option to select “cool down” or “warm up” for that matter

I could. But how counterproductive is that? This is a simple feature that should have already been built into the platform. Bkool has had a warm-up/cool-down feature for years…

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The point of my Zwift membership is so that it is convenient and it works for people like me, instead of us working for it :smirk:

You should vote up the feature requests to start a new ride without quitting the game. That would seem to be to be a better overall fit than one specifically about cooling down separately.


In a race or group ride, the game already allows you to cool down separately in many cases, I think. If you warm up on Watopia, then transfer to London for a race for example, after the race it’ll ask if you want to go back to Watopia or stay in London to continue riding.


My warmup and cool down is just part of the workout/ride. I use Strava or Golden Cheetah if I want to see my average power during a certain block


I’d love that feature.

I find myself often doing a too short warmup and have to force myself doing low watts on the cooldown, just doing another sprint in a little climb…

A simple button “cooldown”, that puts your trainer in ERG to xy% of your FTP for 10 min. would be a wonderful feature.


how is it counterproductive?

just hit e on the keyboard, select the workout and cool down - you don’t even have to start a new ride


Yes, warmup/cool down feature would be great. I now find myself starting without adequate warmup and rushing to quite after finishing a route. Because I use my average power number to gage we’re I am in my training over time.