Warm up and Cool down button

Would it be possible to add a button for warm up and cool down when doing a regular ride? The idea is to initiate a 5 min warm up or cool down, on demand, in order to help a riders in these vital steps.

@Tobias.Svartz: I don’t know why you would need this in a free ride, I may be missing something. Can you give us some more detail.

For free ride i usually just ride until I feel warm.
I created a workout that I use before races, so I think you can do the same thing for a free ride.


It is meant to be a way to do a warm up or cool down without fiddling with saved workouts. A more easy way to get prepared. When you start, perhaps start with a question if you want to do a 5 min structured warm up. And same goes when you are about to quit. At least I find it to be a bit to much fiddling involved clicking around menus (ATV) with sweaty fingers.

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Like Gerrie said, I made a work out which takes 15 minutes. I just took a warming-up from a Zwift work out which felt good for me. This doesn’t take a lot of time, not that your idea isn’t any good but if you like a structured warm up, this is an idea.

I may not understand the OP but you can start / change / select a work out anytime during the game by pressing the “E” button.
Start the game, ride around to get warm, press “E”, and select the work out you want to do. You can skip any pre programed warm ups in the work out (or any other segment) by pressing the “Tab” key.

As I reread the post, I see the sweaty fingers comment so I guess you already knew this but I’ll post to perhaps help others.

I’m with you on this one. When riding in London the sprint down The Mall comes too quickly in my ride when I am not warmed up. The ability to add a structured warm up / cool down would be a nice feature. It would also ensure that I actually did them as currently when I’ve finished, I’m finished, any form of cool down does not happen.

I was also thinking of a warm up/cool down button. My reason for this is once you finish your ride, you hit the cool down button and your average wattage is calculated minus your warm up/cool down period giving a more accurate average wattage for a free ride.

Build a warm up that works for you in the workout screen. When you save it you can access it with one key stroke and a quick movement of the mouse, one click, you are in the warm up ‘workout’. Workout/warm up ends X minutes later and you then click "Join Event’. Not a whole lot of effort involved.
If Zwift created a warm up, it may not be the correct work for everyone. We are all individual and some do different warm up rides.
Another option depending on your smart trainer set up and cycling computer, you can load a warm up routine into your cycling computer so that it controls your trainer. So you could be riding the Zwift roads while the cycling computer is controlling your resistance.

Totally agree. When I ride on the rode I warm up and cool down. I start and stop my cycling computer so my watts are averaged to include those important periods. Wish Zwift had a feature like that without ending and starting the game over and over.

It is not necessary to end and start again - you can create a meetup, make your warm up workout before, click join event and go.

An advantage - you can create the meetup in any world, also in a world not scheduled on this day.