Choose start point on map

When starting a ride, I would like to be able to point and click at the map and plonk myself at any point I choose to start my ride.

This would particularly help if I want to ride a lap of Richmond hard but want to warm up for 5-10 mins first; currently I can’t do that without riding a full lap first as you start right near the start of a lap.

Hey there Davis - I agree.

I have this idea that riders could choose to incorporate a 5 to 10 minute warm-up with a spindown calculation at the beginning of a ride, on a flat part of the course.

Then the “clock” would restart you at the start/finish line.

And at the end the rider could choose a warm-down of a specified length with a target wattage (maybe).

Maybe thumbs up my feature request.

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Almost everyone starts at the ride on point. So on Richmond just look for any rider with about 12km in and join them if you want to do a 10min warmup.

Honestly, you have missed the entire point of this feature request.

@Eric, I did get the point of the request but you can’t expect the request to be implemented immediately.

sTTu Davis mentioned he can only do a full lap warm up, just trying to help him him with this work around so he and others can do a shorter warm up right away.

Fair enough JT - I think my point is ultimately to keep the momentum going on solid feature requests. There appears to be a lot of people requesting this “upgrade” with some really good ideas that should be implemented. I personally like the sideline velodrome idea, the team bus idea, and I like my own idea of a spindown being incorporated into a warm-up by using a setup interface that would give a rider a choice - 5 or 10 minute warmup with a spindown prior to hitting the course. Someone mentioned this as a “workout” choice which would be fine if it could pop you right at the start/finish line once completed for example.

TrainerRoad has a feature that allows you to hit the C button on your keyboard after the warmup (included on all workouts) which starts a spindown and then you continue with the workout - I think that is neat.

To your point - I think your suggestion is what many of us are doing and it is a hassle that could easily be “fixed”. So… that is why I stated what I did - I am sorry if it seemed rude or out of line. My apologies.