Starting point

(Paul Pagley) #1

On the Richmond course, I wonder about the ‘just ride’ starting point.  I have a problem starting out on a 7% grade right from the go.  On the Island and Watopia it was either a flat point or somewhat downhill, both of which allowed the legs to get a least a little warm before tackling the grade.

Not sure this is an issue for others but could we start a little closer to the start/finish line where it flattens some?  I do warm up to calibrate my computrainer but still would like a little less aggressive start.

(JD Griffis) #2

Yeah, maybe not a huge deal… but it can be a tough wake up call when you first get moving in the early am :slight_smile:

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Just do what I do and yell “Shut up, legs!”