Warm up Examples

I have read a few requests asking ZWIFT to add a warm up and cool down route prior to starting the intended route. This is because many (or at least all I have selected to ride so far) start with a climb. I like to warm up a bit before starting a climb or difficult rides and I want to get credit for the distance ridden while warming up or cooling down. So, I for one would like to see this addition.

All that said, what do the rest of you do to warm up before starting a ZWIFT Route?

I can’t think of any routes that start with long climbs they all start flat. what routes did you do?

So I just start riding, if (have not done this in a long time) I want to see how fast I can do a lap I will just ride one lap at a good pace end hammer the second lap.

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Watopia, NYC and Yorshire are the routes I’ve taken. Al started a climb within a very short period from the starting point. They all had something under 5% within a minute of starting.

I have the same issue when leaving my driveway. I can start a short climb or a short downhill into a climb. When I started riding I lived in flatland territory in South Texas. It was nice to get a good warm up in before you start mashing it. I’ll have to take your advice and force myself to just take it easy no matter where I’m at.

Something you said brings up an idea. I don’t think you can but it would be nice if you could manually select a point on a route to start. You could, for instance start at a known point where a long flat begins or at the end of the largest climb.

I have never thought that the watopia has a hill on the start, but looking at it closely I can see a short 3% climb. I would suggest just downshifting and take it easy up the climb.

NYC has a max of 2.4%

Roger that.
I know they are minimal. My personal preference would be to have and what many have suggested; a 5 to 10 minute warm up section.

Thanks for looking and I’m still interested in what others do to warm up if anyone is willing to share.

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Having the ability to manually select a route when you start a ride would solve this (do a search and vote up all the request for it).

Example of what could work for you: If you are on Watopia you could pick TEMPUS FUGIT route and just manually select go straight to either the KOM or the Titan’s Grove expansion.

I concur with Paul, or at least some variation thereof. On Watopia there are routes like Tempus Fugit, Volcano Flat, and Flat Route that are pretty flat and great for an easy warm up. Alternatively, you can just go easy at the start. Just because there is a grade doesn’t mean you have to mash it; just put your bike in the lowest gear and cruise up. (Admittedly, some hills may be too steep for some people to just cruise on.) And if you want to warm up and then ride some hills, but not get into the manual turns mode, just do a warm up ride on one of the flat routes, then end that ride and start a new one on a more mountainous route. Watopia is always available, so a warm up could be done there before moving to one of the other worlds, even.

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Rick, I was so focused on the fact that you want to warm up before a ride that i never thought about racing. “Long day”

So when I race I have a standard workout that I do.

You could create your own workout then select the route you want to take and do the workout once the workout is done you will be able to do your route. If you have a 10 min workout you can ride 5 min do a u turn and 5 back to the start.

In workout mode it does not simulate the terrain.

Something simple like ramp up to 60% FTP then stay there :

That’s one of my big problems. Even on days when I intend on taking it slow and go out for a recovery ride; I start feeling good and before you know it I’m going all out again. I’m to competitive with myself.

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Sounds like a good plan. I’ll have to look into it or at least do what others suggest and do a flat ride first then hit the climbs.

I hate climbing to because I suck at it but I’m getting better a little at a time.

I think we’ve all been there! Often going easy is the hardest part of training!

You happened to list the only two courses I can think of that start on climbs (that aren’t obvious climbing courses) - Yorkshire and NYC (many courses, like the Central Park Loop, for example).

I think it’s just random luck - good or bad - that you hit courses with climbs at the start.