Chain together rides / warmup, cooldown

I keep wanting to have a warmup and cooldown on my ride, you know, something that takes me off on 10 minutes of flat terrain before starting my actual course.

If you wanted to generalize this feature, you could allow people to chain together different courses. That is, I might do a volcano loop, then the hilly route, followed by a flat route. This would let people build longer courses without having to remember where to turn while riding.

If you could chain routes, then you could build something like a warmup & cooldown into your workout (rather than having to add it as a feature.)


Make a couple custom workouts. One warm up, one warm down. Push the E key and do them whenever you like. Why you cannot warm up/cool down wherever you are riding is kind of beyond me.

Be the feature.

Your answer indicates you use zwift differently than I do, which is fine, but also means that you likely don’t understand what I’m asking. Either that, or I don’t understand and the feature really exists (don’t think so, but willing to be convinced.)

My understanding of workouts is they use changes in cadence / power to have you work more or less over the terrain you’re riding. Sure, I could use a workout and change them to change the displayed power / cadence. This is OK, but not what I want. Note that I can also do this using the “just ride” mode and shifting gears or changing cadence to reduce or increase my power. Again, not what I want.

I want to be able to specify a course / route inside zwift and use the terrain to make the work harder or easier. For instance, I want to ride the hilly loop, or volcano. When I ride my route, the game shows me how I did compared to my “record” time. That’s my workout, not some power or cadence graph I overlay onto my ride.

So, I’d like to specify a flat warmup “route” that leaves me right at the starting gate to the course I want to ride. Currently when I do the hilly loop, I get started about half a mile from the start gate, which is too short for a real warmup. So, I loop around a few times until I’m warm, then off I go. Similarly, when I’m done, I loop around until I’ve cooled down (I don’t want to do a climb while cooling down!), and then stop when I’m done.

Maybe you could add something where zwift puts me into some magical “warmup and cooldown land” for these times, and when I’ve completed the appropriate distance or time, it drops me into the game a few hundred yards before the start gate for the course I want to ride.

Note that I think it would also be cool to be able to generally chain together different routes so I didn’t have to manually steer through them. That is, I might want to do two volcano loops, then run through the hilly loop and finally do a flat route. The only way to do this now is to know the routes and manually turn at each point.