Warm Up Mode

It would be nice to login, select ride mode and then choose some sort of untimed warm up option.  Once ready, click ‘start/go’.

I like this idea.  After the warm up, it could place you at the start of lap

Yeah that’s a good idea, or some kind of loop that only takes 10-15min through the mountain or over the water, back around to the start.

VERY much agree! I like to warm up for 10 minutes at a moderate pace and hate that the result is I’m part way through a lap when I’m ready to go harder.

Alternatively, a way to warp yourself to a particular point on the course.  Example, you’re out on course in Richmond warming up and you have no way to get back to the start/finish line in time for the group ride that’s starting…


A great feature would be to be able to select a warm up mode at the start of a group ride without leaving the start area.  That way we could keep an eye on who shows up and participate in the chatter.  Similar to racing a crit, where riders are warming up on a trainer along the sideline of the race course.  

Another way to solve this would be to have a shortcut key that would return the rider to the start area.  Any power ups or timed segments could be forfeited but the total miles would count.

All great ideas.
I would like a warmup/cool down mode so I can see the more realistic stats of a ride.
I would suggest a button that would simply break and mark the analysis once on Strava for example. Wattage, speed, lap times… would then be more precise.