It might be fun to have a velodrome or roller/trainer park next to the starting line for warm ups.  Choose to to start there if desired and/or end your ride there.

I would use it.

me too


me too

I like it, it would also be more fun riding against people not warming up on the main course.

It would be nice to be able to do a 10 minute warm up and at the end automatically appear on the main course.

The problem with the larger island is a lap takes too long if warming up or cooling down.

agreed I would love a warm up area, I just road Richmond for the first time and you start immediately on an incline with no chance of gradually warming up or building your heart rate.

Do a U turn and ride the other direction.

Also Zwift recently tweeted more training functionality is coming. 

D Shep: I like it.  U-Turns weren’t available when I originally posted

Hey Timothy Harkness!! Here is my idea - I like your velodrome better. Maybe Zwift could combine the 2.

I have this idea that riders could choose to incorporate a 5 to 10 minute warm-up with a spindown calculation at the beginning of a ride.

Just have a check box and slider on a setup screen before starting the ride.

Once the spindown was completed, the “clock” would restart, and you would be placed at the start/finish line.

On the setup screen, the rider could also choose a warm-down of a specified length with a target wattage if desired.

I think this would be a great thing - almost a required spindown to make sure everything is as it should be.

Can I suggest that a simple workout is made available that is just 5 minute and 10 minute warm up, once you select and ride it simply holds you in place as you warm up increasing resistance if you have a smart trainer to a certain percentage of your ftp and then once it ends you start riding on the track. It could even simply hide you from other riders until your warmup is complete.

Had similar idea. See 4th post down in here.


Another vote here. I ride on rollers and it sometimes feels like cheating. This may be a way to more honestly assess my abilities. 

You should definitely set up the velodrome (this MIUST be a very simple thing for Zwift from what I can see) BUT not for simple mindless laps.  Set up a tournament - frequent group ride setting with all the crazy & fun track events.  Slow lap,  elimination, points race etc.  Many aren’t fully aware of these but this would be an amazing use of Zwift to showcase our sports rich history and breadth to fellow cyclists.  

Sooooo for most of this stuff I just insta-delete the email. Very tired of waiting on Zwift for anything really. And a London course? That was really not up there on most of the world’s wish list. Richmond is much much better than London, but I digress. Oh well… we get what they give us.