'Return to Start' & 'Stop the Clock'

To be able to warm up for group rides & races it would be useful to be able to ride on the course and then select a return to start feature that puts you back near the start line rather than having to discard an activity and start again.  Also at the end of your ride it would be nice to be able to ‘stop the clock’ at the end of the lap (or time period, number of miles) and then be able to continue on the course to cool down.  The idea being that only your real effort is uploaded to Strava. 

Yes to “Return to Start”. Can see “Stop the Clock” being useful at times. An alternative might be the ability to add a “Split” key, whereby the current activity is ended, and a new one started. Then at the end they’d each be uploaded to Strava as separate items. Would make it easier to upload “warmup”, “race” and “cooldown” as independent things.

Agree, it’s very annoying when you finish a ride and the only option you have is to quit the app, forcing you to then go through the painfully slow loading, logging in and starting again.

You should be able to just save the current activity then jump straight into another one.

Agree with sTtU Davis.

I have this idea that riders could choose to incorporate a 5 to 10 minute warm-up with a spindown calculation at the beginning of a ride, on a flat part of the course.

Then the “clock” would restart you at the start/finish line.

And at the end the rider could choose a warm-down of a specified length with a target wattage (maybe).

I think the spindown feature is important so that riders are properly calibrating the smart trainers before a ride.

Though I have to agree with most of what you are saying, but   they also can make a “Warm Up” workout  and a “Cool Down” workout so that you can have the 10 to 15 to warm up or cool down before and after each event / workout or free ride. 

Wouldn’t it be nice and quick to have the OPTION available in a setup screen with a spindown calculation?

Spindowns should be done after the trainer and tire have warmed up also :slight_smile:

I think this is the “spirit” of feature requests - how to add functionality not simply a work around. I don’t want to mess around with a separate workout or have to get off my bike to warmup or cool down which I already have to do.

Hello Zwift,

what about the “Return to Start”-Button… this would be a great help getting into GroupRides after Warm-Up and dont have to Restart the Game every time…