Warmup / Cooldown built into events/races

Hi there

As someone who doesn’t really bother with a warmup/cooldown but is really getting to an age to know better…

I think it would be great if you could select an option to have a 10 min structured warm up on the pier before events and then after the event a structured 10 min cooldown.

i like keeping my strava as just the event so having them seperate would be great



it’d be nice to be able to click a button and get a “warm up” or “cool down” even in a non-workout ride – something that enables ERG, even. for example, if i just rode up to the top of the alpe-du-zwift, i might want to click “10-min cool down” and have a structured descent instead of a random pedalling effort.

even better – if i do switch to warmup or cooldown, let’s not count that time/wattage toward the ride average!


I think every one has a different warm up and cool-down routine.

This is what i do: I have a 15 min workout that i use for warm up, so i log on 20min before the race start, do my workout and as soon as my workout is done Zwift will drop me at the start line, same with cool down I just press E and i select my cool down.

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