Do rides with events contain warmup/cooldown when sharing to Strava?

Hey everyone!

New to Zwift and had a quick question…

I did my first even today and I’m linked to Strava so when I ‘ended’ my ride it uploaded as expected… However, after the event finish line I kept pedaling to cooldown, and when I finished I believe this cooldown period uploaded as part of the same “ride”.

Is this normal? Wouldn’t it always skew metrics that are calculated over the entire ride i.e. weighted power, watts/kg etc.?

If so what does everyone else do to cooldown (and warm up for that matter)?

I’m not too familiar with the software yet but it would seem one would have to end the ride, then start another one just to cooldown? …and then just not post the ‘cooldown ride’ to strava?


When entering an event (race, group rides etc) youre measurement start from when the clock hits 0 and ends when you exit zwift.

So if you’re doing a event distance of 20km and jump on zwift to warm up for 5km after hitting the join event button those 5km get upload to strava as an activity.
Remember warming up in the event, after hitting that join button when you’re spinning mounted at the start line - that distance/effort is not recorded or saved by strava or zwift.

After finishing that 20km you decide to directly cool down for 8km and then exit zwift. Then you will see a activity for 28km in youre strava.

Regarding your averages, it dose measure the whole 28km in strava. If youre doing a race and use zwiftpower, only the race distance is measures - 20km.

If youre consernd with having separat cooldowns from events on strava what you can do is exiting zwift shortly after the event is finished and start it directly up again and doing youre cooldowns that way.


Makes sense - thanks!

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No problem :slight_smile: