Cooling down option after cycling

(Jouke Dijkstra) #1

Is it possible to add a cooling down after a training or a ride.
Now you have to quit end restart again (you want to keep your average speed of the training as high as possible etc.) and than disgard and not save the cooling down.

Wouldn’t it be an idea to ASK when people stop: cooling down or stop?
if you want to stop you can save inmediatly
If you want to do a cooling down that time would count for your results and after the cooling down you can save your training

(Dan) #2

i agree with this. a button that turns on “cool down” (but keeps it out of your ride stats) would be really nice.

even better, the cool down could be configured to use an ERG mode ramp down.

best, do it for warm ups, too!

(A ngelo) #3

Interesting feature request. The same should apply for the warming up while waiting at the start line of an event. I’ve noticed that Zwift adds the time spent at the start line to the time of the event itself. This affects my average speed. I wonder if this is a bug?

What’s more interesting, the data uploaded to my Strava account doesn’t included the warm-up time, thus showing the actual time spent for the event.

(Jouke Dijkstra) #4

Thanks for your feedback! Let’s get this viral in watopia. They told me the more peopleshsre this the bigger the chance is, we’ll get this. I shared it with my friends in zwift and asked them to respondenten as Well!

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(Anton Kovalnogov(B)) #5

To me it is very similar to Allow Saves Without Exit feature request. But last one we asked for years - no results)

(David Hotzler) #6

I agree, this feature seems like it could be either incorporated into the HUD so the user wouldn’t have to start the whole “end ride” process or it could be a third button bundled together with “end ride” or “back”.

(Pierre) #7

It is a nonsense I know. I argued with Zwift support with no result so I gave up. So I joined Strava in order to get my exact riding time. Shame!