Post Race Warm-down

Can we have a end of race cool down turbo area like the start where we can get some analysis on the race and chat together?

I find the end of a race really disappointing.  I finally cross the finish line and can’t see my placing as the table only shows the top 16.  With heart rate still through the roof I desperately try to click on the table’s up/down bar so that I can move down.  I’m sweating like a xxx and so my laptop is now getting covered in sweat, my mouse pad won’t work because its now covered in sweat and my fingers just slip on it without the mouse moving.  You have 20 seconds to check your placing (unless I’m missing something) and so just when you finally find a rag to wipe down, the table disappears and you never know where you came.  The guys you rode with are long gone…

Good idea, Peter. Here is what I do the moment a race ends. If I am able to move the mouse pointer and click anywhere in the background of the Zwift game window, the countdown for the results window stops, and the results remain posted indefinitely, until you hit the “okay” button. I realize it is hard when you are cross-eyed after a race and pouring sweat. Anyway, that at least prevents it from going away. Then I do a “screen capture.” On my Mac, the keystroke is shift-comand-3. That saves the image of the results to my computer so I can look at it whenever I want. Still, some sort of cool-down would be good, like you say.

I like the cool down idea, I don’t even see a summary of the race - I usually check on but that’s after I’ve got off my bike and had a shower. As it stands

  1. I do a warmup - usually 30 minutes to get the legs working, then join the event 5 minutes prior. My warmup is saved as a separate ride (I like that actually)

  2. I do the race, cross the line at 180bpm and sweat pouring off me.  I see no summary of the race.  

  3. I generally hit escape and save my ride (so it doesn’t have the warm down component in it)

  4. I start up zwift again and do my warm down routine (depending on the day this can be 30 mins or longer if I add in some workout stuff)

  5. Somewhere around 90 mins after the race - I find out how I did.  I send the kudos to the winners

It’s be cool to have 10-15 mins post race where you could do a warmdown and congratulate the winners and talk about some of the tactics etc…

I agree with Marc N.  I did my first group event last night and was able to see my placing but didn’t count on 2 things happening:  1) once I exited the program, I would no longer be able to look or access the results and  2) my 10 min. warm-down was averaged in to my group ride results.  This gave me a somewhat bogus Avg HR and Pwr number.  I too wanted to give kudo’s to the riders that were in my finishing group (A group Giro di Castelli Stage 1) but once the finishing screen was gone and I was unable to remember their avatar name, there was no chance.  I think it would be great to have access to the results from web site and have the warm-down be treated like the warm-up and get saved as a separate file.