Pre and Post race data

Newbie question here, but I’m wondering what you guys do after finishing events/races when you’re planning on riding for a bit longer (but less intensity). I’m asking because I’m not sure yet if ZwiftPower separates the post race activity from the averages and if it doesn’t I’d probably prefer to start a new cool down ride where I go much easier.

Kinda same question for before the race with warming up. but less important obviously.

ZwiftPower is pretty good this way, it only looks at the race data so you can continue your cooldown with no problems once you’ve crossed the line.


ok awesome.
for a typical event do you do a mini warmup ride, or just join the event and warmup in there. I like getting the few extra miles tracked for my challenges etc.

It depends on my mood and the number of people entered. For an event with lots of riders I enter the pen early, this gives me a spot up the front of the pen which I like to think gives me an advantage (though probably not much in the scheme of things). For events with less than say 30 people entered on ZP, I accumulate the km’s. Once you have entered the pen, you can leave, and when you rejoin you will land on the same spot up the front - so if you wanted the best of both worlds you could do that.

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This is the same for me. I plan to join early more now as racing has much bigger numbers compared to 2-3 years ago. 2-3 years ago I might join 1 minute prior and still be first row!

I believe you can enter the pen (get a good spot) and then exit and do a warm-up. Then, when you rejoin the event, you will go back to the spot in the pen that you originally had.

I remember hearing about that.
How do you leave the pen?

You have to exit out of Zwift entirely.