Continue counting time/watts/points while in holding pens

I propose that the game count the time and effort of players even when we are in the holding area warming up or waiting for an event to start. I love group rides and workouts but losing all the data that should have been recorded during the pre-event phase is a bit of a drag. Also, now that we have the drop shop, it seems rather unfair that these efforts do not count, as watts are being spent even though the game is not recording them.

This is a very interesting point and probably the opinions on this topic could be divided.
Since there are a lot of requests to make the ride records “as pure as possible” without any warm-up data, pre-race time etc, since any data outside of the ride/race affects the whole ride/race statistics. Now, with the new type of Zwift currency, the Drops, what would be more precious? The data stats or the lost drops during warm-up?

Simple. Don’t join an event early. Just wait until Zwift automatically joins you with about 5 minutes to go. You then only lose 5 minutes worth of XP points / distance. Anything before this then counts although I gather if the distance is less than about 2km then Zwift doesn’t export that to Strava.

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This is true, but the effect is cumulative. For exame of you do 5 events per week, that is 25 minutes lost. There are also some events (races, fondos, etc.) where it is advantageous to go to the event early. Also, the example you use is perfect because Zwift is able to track the data if the warm up is done on any roads in game, so perhaps the limitation is a function involving distance.

I think you’re over thinking something that isn’t really a problem. Just suck it up that you’re not going to get credit for a few minutes lost each event. And if you are worried just do an extra 5 minutes cool down at the end of an event.

Personally I don’t get that fixated with XP points or drop shop points since I’m on level 49.

It could be done as an option, save a warmup as a separate activity. But there are a lot of other user requests regarding UI which should be taken as a priority.

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