Warmup in pen on Strava

I am new to group rides and races on Zwift so I am possibly missing something here, but when I am doing a warmup in the ‘pen’ I get no time/power/cadence/virtual distance data uploaded to Strava. My Strava log starts when the group ride starts, even if I warmed up for 5 mins. Searching through old topics it seems other people are getting these warmups on Strava, am I doing something wrong? Or did it change recently since I started doing group events?

Other ‘Zwift alternatives’ still log these data to Strava. It would be nice if Zwift did this too since it’s a training tool so I want to log my total time training :stuck_out_tongue:

Five minutes is insignificant, esp a warm-up. Zwift records your distance and there’s no distance covered in the pens. You can ride a few minutes longer and just enter the pens last minute if it seems important to you. But Zwift has never recorded that info.

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Well 5 mins was an example, some warmups are longer, and there could be many in a week. But as you say, just doing it in free ride followed by entering at the last min is fine, I just thought there may have been a way of it being recorded.

I’m sure I recall seeing people riding around with ghost turbo trainers attached to their bike (like you have in the pen, but they were riding around). It was a while ago, haven’t seen it recently. I always assumed that was a warmup being recorded?

Can people please stop offering pathetic work arounds for zwifts many failings. There is no good reason warm up shouldnt be included.


You aren’t covering any distance in the pen. How much credit do you deserve for some random Watts with no distance covered?

Does it really matter if you are not covering distance? You could do a full blow 20 minute w/u and that wouldnt count.
I dont think it is the end of the world not counting effort in the pens but it would be nice if it did.

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Maybe it’s a Strava thing since I have the opposite problem. Time spent waiting in the pen is counted and I don’t want that, so I always try to join events at the last minute hoping everything would work.


What a strange comment, you aren’t covering any distance at all while on Zwift. Literally all you are ever doing is ‘some random watts’ which Zwift uses to simulate distance. Both the pen and ‘distance covered’ are completely identical… You do know the avatar and roads aren’t real right?

Hence, time/watts produced in the pen should be counted, as they are exactly the same thing.


Maybe little of topic but why is zwift always adding time to the ride? after a groupride when i log out and look at the ride report it says for ex 1.30 but looking at activity later it says 1.37, i usually dont spend more than 3 min in the pen,not a big problem but curious to why it adds 6-10 min every time!

I don’t think I want the time in the pen added to my ride/race. When I do a race IRL I start my GPS when the banner drop.

I have a specific warm up workout file that I follow before a race. After the workout I will go to the pen and soft pedal for 5 min.

There are very little resistance while waiting in the pen, so I don’t know how you will get a good warmup with so small amount of resistance.

That was a bug, not a feature.

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On Strava, after a zwift ride it shows you an orange track of where you have ridden (even though it’s in the virtual zwift world and not real life).

In zwift things like the terrain and other riders nearby also affect your speed, it’s a little more complicated than just Watts=speed

But if you want credit on Strava/Garmin/etc you could start a manual activity for your pen time but to me the chance of messing up your sensor pairing prior to a race is not worth the credit for 5 minutes of pen warmup.

Like what was suggested earlier, if someone is mega concerned about getting credit, just enter the pen late.

It seems the consensus is people don’t want the pen on their records. Fair enough but I do find it odd; when you do a normal non-group workout they all have a warmup and that gets counted - presumably you don’t crop that off your numbers anywhere.

To me, there is absolutely no difference besides the very metaphysical “you’re NOT riding around whilst you’re not riding around” vs “You ARE riding around whilst you’re not riding around”.

At the end of the day this is a fitness app, wanting a simple log of how long you’ve spent at what power does seem like a basic expectation that should not require a workaround. But I guess it’s not that difficult to do a free ride and jump to the pen at the last min, just seems like it shouldn’t be needed.


with the reservation that for big events, going to the start pen at the last minute seems to risk not joining the event at all. It’s been advised to join those groups in the start pen five to ten minutes before the start time.

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The risk outweigh the reward.
5min @ 80w 3 times a week is nothing to worry about.

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Clearly not everyone is doing 5 mins @ 80 watts as a warm up.


A problem i’ve had a couple of times, is warming up in the pen, then the race / ride starts to find one of my sensors isn’t working !

Not worried about it being recorded but would like see that all is ok at the start.