Record race pen warmup

Just started Zwift racing. Showed up early to get a good spot, did a 30-minute warmup, raced. Much to my surprise, the warmup was never recorded anywhere. I’ve since recorded it with my bike computer and it’s not insignificant TSS.

Proposed feature: record pen time with option to save as separate workout or merged with race

If you join the pen with half an hour to go, then leave the event, do you warm up, then rejoin the event when you’re ready, your “spot” will be saved in the pen.


Maybe get the choice to select a 10/20/30 min warmup workout when you enter the pen with more than 15/25/35 min to start. Then we can just join the pen early and don’t have to exit and reenter.


I am aware of this hack but it’s a hassle and I don’t use it for races that are important to me because I’m nervous it won’t work. I feel my request is reasonable.

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I don’t believe I said that it was absurd, just offered you a workaround.

I appreciate the feedback, for now my workaround will be to record on my bike computer.

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I would like this feature too :slight_smile: I tend to do my warmups with the Pace Partner, but also do some time in the pen before a race/ride start and would also like to see that activity show up.

Let’s see how popular the request is.

I did previously add a request for allowing a manual erg mode in a race/group ride pen (Erg mode in start pen) which would presumably be related (although it did not mention recording the data).

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I would vote for this. Having the option to select a workout in the starting pen and save that a a separate activity.

Even if we can’t load a workout just having the option to manually change trainer resistance.

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