Count calories for time in pens

Please could you enable a change - or offer the user the option - to include the time spent in the pens against the calories burned / time spent?

In a given week, I spend perhaps 60+ minutes in the pens on average but none of this counts in the app, or is carried over to Strava. For bigger events like WTRL, people might join the pen as much as 30 minutes before the race start.

For some people, time and effort spent in the pens is not a trivial amount and it would be good to see this included in the activity figures for those who want to conduct further analysis on their weekly efforts.

You can leave the pens and come back just before the event.

The other question is how hard do you really pedal in the pens.

No - that was NOT the question. The question concerned a feature request to capture warm-up time in the pens. When you check-in for any form of group ride or race and then leave as suggested by another, an additional ride report is issued to third-party connected applications. Countless numbers of these short distance ride reports litter the activity streams of connected applications such as Strava and Training Peaks, and they are time-wasters for the viewers - as they clearly fall into the category of warm-up rides. No-one has any interest in sharing or reading about warm-ups.

So +1 upvote for this common-sense feature, which many of us have often considered. BTW, I very often spin in the start pens at levels FAR ABOVE my race pace or intended pacing strategy. Waking and opening ALL the neuromuscular pathways that are intended in the forthcoming event is a very sound practice. In fact, it would be especially cool (hot?) if we could actually select a workout whilst spinning in pre-race mode, just as IRL Capturing this data and making it part of the third-party app feed is straightforward. Zwift already captures “pedaling time” and segregates such from non-spinning time in a session. So YEAH, let’s DO capture all the work in pre-event mode. Bravo.

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Enter the pen 30 mins before your event and exit immediately. (No ride sent to 3rd party applications) Then, go and do your warm up riding any route you want or warm up workout. Enter the pen at the last possible moment before your event and you will be in the same position as you initially entered the pen with only the workout going to 3rd party applications. If you are worried about these cluttering up your Strava, mark them as private.

So 30 mins prior to event I enter the pen and sit on the front row. I then exit, go and ride for 29 mins and re-enter the pen back on the front row. Personally I like to separate these as I then have a clean race file.

I do agree though it would be good to have the time in pen and event all count in one fit file and the option to do a workout in the pen. Especially on the weekly TTT events where zwift haven’t implemented the same functionality for TTTs as individual TTs and you have to wait around in the pen. But until this feature is implemented there is a good workaround.


Even at a casual pace you could burn 400 calories if you got into the pen as soon as it opens.


Really? My easy/casual ride on Monday was nearly 1:45 and I burned less than 700 calories. This would put my 30 minute burn at only around 200 calories. I know it’s different for everyone, but 400 in 30 minutes seems like it would have to be at a pretty good clip.

That seem like a lot. I just looked at my warmups and it is in the order of 50cal (230kj). But we are all different with different warmup strategy.

Sorry. I’m talking crap. You’re right it is closer to 200. I forgot my casual ride was longer than an hour when I divided the calorie count by 2 to get to a 30 minute figure.

Hopefully I didn’t provoke a hornet’s nest here. There are several discussions taking place in the same thread it seems.

I don’t really care about having multiple Strava entries, or just one - that bit doesn’t bother me.

What bothers me is that I keep a careful log of all the activity I do each week including time on the turbo, calories burned etc and I use this as a toolkit for helping plan targets and for tracking activity vs weightloss.

In a given week, I can readily spend at least 1 hour - and possibly up to 90 minutes - in the pens.

I won’t be going full tilt at race pace obviously, but as the start countdown nears I will be putting in a decent effort and approaching race HR.

It annoys me that when I try and put my log together, the Activities tab on Zwift only counts the event time from the gun. So, a 45 minute WTRL TTT was actually a 1:15 session, but almost half of my effort isn’t tracked.

Clearly, I don’t join every race 30 minutes beforehand, but for the bigger races or the ones I want to do well in then I do.

In total, that’s anywhere between 500 - 1500 kcal a week burned that I have no visibility of, meaning I have to track through my Garmin, which doesn’t reconcile with Zwift easily.

I can see your point @B_Bridges. It will be a nice option.

I would suggest in the next TTT to enter the pen 30min before the start then exit and warm up on a route then join the TTT just before the start. This will give you a good idea of how many Cal you burn in a normal warmup. I think it will be less than you think. (but we warmup differently)

Another think to remember is Calorie estimation vary a lot between different methods (Zwift, Garmin and Strava is very different for the same ride) so I just take the Cal in the pen as 0 and that will offset the error in all the calculations.