Time in pen prior to ride should not show in duration for ride/race/event

Typically I join a ride 15-20 mins before the start, then go and change. This guarantees that Zwift, my trainer, HRM and bike are good to go when the ride (or race, or event) start.

But when the ride is saved by Zwift this non-moving time spent in the pen is added to the ride time, showing an inflated and inaccurate time for the ride. Strava gets it right by reporting Moving Time. Zwift gets it wrong.

I see the inflated ride time on my.zwift.com and in ZC 3.0.

Please can the ride report the actual ride time and not the time spent in the pen not moving.

Generally the total time is only on my.zwift or zwift companion. For events the time will start from the official start time. The correct time is also reflected when uploaded to Garmin/TrainingPeaks/Strava etc.