Ride duration wrong in companion app, right in feed (and Strava)

Activity in feed:

1 hour and 21 seconds is right as I left right at the end of the 60 minutes.
Upload to strava is right as well:

ZC app reports 1:17:22 !!!

Any idea why?


Did you get to the start pen for the Flanders Monday Blues Ride 17:22 before the event start to warm-up? Zwift counts that time, Strava only counts the moving time. Iโ€™d like to see the time of the event as well in Zwift and eliminate the warm-up time.


Thanks for your reply. Canโ€™t remember how long I waited before the start but Zwift does display the right time in the feed on zwift . com, see 1h and 21 seconds:

There is no reason for the companion app to show a different time.


I spotted this recently as well but can confirm that the Companion App counts the time spent in the pen, as I joined the Etape 30mins early to get a spot near the front.

It never used to do this and it screws up the weekly/monthly time goals. Not the end of the world but itโ€™s another of those annoying bugs that should be a quick fix.