Ride times have increased following activity

Anyone else had an issue with their ride times in their past activities ?
Mine we recorded as they should be on the companion app up until Tuesday and now I’ve noticed that all of my completion times have significantly increased. Surely I’m not the only one to be experiencing this problem. I have emailed for assistance however not yet received a reply.

Hi @Nicki_Donati, welcome to the forums.

I just looked back at some of my activities on the companion app and everything looks fine. What do you mean your:

Can you give us an example?

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How strange. One example is I completed a ride in 58 minutes and now it’s showing as
1 hour 12 mins 🥲
I know I’m a newbie but this is doing nothing to boost my confidence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Was this an event or meetup, did the time spent in the race pens get added perhaps? Do you use Strava or other 3rd party apps that Zwift uploads to, if so you can compare the time being recorded?

Strava for example doesn’t include the time spent in the race pen to your ride so it will look like Zwift added time.

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@Mike_Rowe1. This particular ride was a meet-up, Strava shows 58m 42s. The times have been changed on every ride I have done since joining zwift :woozy_face: All was ok a couple of days ago.

If you joined the meetup 5 minutes before the start, that 5 minutes will not be recorded in Strava, but it will on Zwift.

Possible but it’s just strange that it only updated the new times for all of the rides on Tuesday.
Both Zwift and Strava were showing the same times up until then.

very strange! :man_shrugging:

@Mike_Rowe1. This was the ride report and Zwift showed this time correctly.

I know there has been so many glitches recently this is probably another one of them. Thanks for taking the time and making suggestions.