Zwift group ride/race activity time

Does the time displayed on the activity in Companiion App include any warm up you might do prior to a race or group ride? I have noticed differences in activity times during the TDZ stages and the only thing I can think of is the time taken in the starting pen. Yesterday my TDZ Stage 8 time is displayed in the CA as 50.52. The stage race results displayed 43.35 on the finish line, Strava showed 43.52 and Zwift power showed 43.55!! I have photos if anyone is interested. I have looked at other results and sometimes they also have a 5-7min added time and sometimes not - maybe to do with when they joined the starting pen? If so this is very strange - why include time when you are not moving and haven’t started? Less of a problem but also interesting why the race results show a 20sec difference to Zwift Power. Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks, Simon

Yes, the Companion will include time spent in the start pen.

Thanks Steve. Does it only include the time if you are warming up or also the waiting time if you are not pedaling?