Time in Activity Feed is wrong (for events?) in companion app

(Louise S. (D)) #1

I just completed an event… because I’ve had issues missing events in the past due to updates/connection issues/etc., I tend to log in and join events early. In this case, about 20 minutes early.

It seems that this 20 minutes in the starting pen is added to my time completing the event in the activity feed. That is, while I completed the ride in 1 hour 9 minutes (counting from when the event started) my activity feed shows that I took 1 hour 30 minutes to complete the event, making my poor performance even poorer!

(If you click into the details the race results screen shows a more correct time 1:08:35) I rode a bit longer, maybe a minute or 2. I’d like that time to be in the feed. It is very silly to include the time sitting in the start pen in the activity time.

(Ira Schwartz) #2

I totally agree with Louise.
I warmed up for 10 minutes easily in the pen before Stage 1 today and this was added to my event time.
Does not seem right.
Please correct.

(Vincent) #3

We’re aware of this issue and are investigating. When we receive updates on the issue we will let everyone know. Thank you!

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(Chris) #4

Agreed. Moving time should be displayed in the feed.

(- Nige -) #5

This is still an issue, 25 minutes in the pen added to the time shown in the app activity feed.