Activity duration wrong in Activities

Many times, when I do a ride, and then view it in the Activities page on Zwift Companion, the Time is well in excess of that shown on the Ride Reports. This can be seen in the below Activity image, and Ride Report.


and the below Ride Report.

Note that the Activity time is 1 hr 28 min 8 sec while the Ride Report time is 1 hour. The distance and the calories are the same in both locations.

Why is there a substantial ride time error?


I think Zwift Companion counts the whole time you are logged into a Zwift, so including waiting in the pen before the event, and even the time when you don’t move.
The timer in ride report starts counting when you are moving or in the case of event when you cross the white line on the ground when leaving the pens.

So as I can see from the pictures it looks like you waited in the pens for some time. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps,
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You are probably correct. I did join the group maybe 15 min before start time, and I did not leave the ride for a few minutes after the ride-looking at badges, ride results, etc. I will try to start at the ride start time, and get out of the ride quicker, and see what effect that has.

Yes, I get this too. I do agree with zwift companion app counting the whole time, but why does it do this? I always get to event early and warm up in the pit so my time are always way off. I wish they would fix this.

Yes, you would think that if they have a correct time in game, they could just insert it into the Activities.