Credit for warming up

I typically join a ride 10 to 20 minutes before the ride/race. During this time, I ride to warm up. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to get drops and virtual mileage for this time “IN Zwift riding”?

You can just free ride any course for however long you want to warm up and click “Join Event” a minute or so before it starts that way you will accumulate XP and drops.

Although it does rather mess up the overall stats as Zwift sees it as one ride not two. It’s annoying, but to keep the rides recorded separately (if that’s want you want to do) it’s bette to logout and log back in again. Maybe a few minutes early - I do it that way, but then I am a hopeless nerd.

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When I do a warm up before an event it always saves it as a separate ride on Zwift and Strava. See below, 4.3 mile warm up in Watopia, then transported to the race pens 5 minutes prior to the race. The 5 minutes in the race pen is not accounted for however.

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Oh - thanks Mike. I don’t know why I thought it saved it as one. Maybe if it’s the same world. Good to know

Daniel Watson,
I understand that… but I don’t want to do that… I enjoy getting pole position…the later you join the further back you are inserted. There should be no reason why the time and distance I put on my “trainer” isn’t calculated and given credit in Zwift…since I’d be doing the exact same thing riding around and joining at the last moment…

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I wouldn’t mind Zwift saving the warmup as a separate ride…as long as I’m getting drops for spending time in “Zwift” and it would be good to track my warmups for review against my race results.

Do you really care about drops? The bike/wheels thing isn’t really going to make much difference compared to training properly.

@Shane_Mario_M_R_118m the problem with giving XP and drops for time spent just spinning in the pens is you aren’t actually moving anywhere. XP is based off distance. My guess is this is something that will never be implemented as it just not feasible since you are sitting static in a starting pen.

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yes I care about the one “coin” in the game. we don’t know what the future holds for the coins… so collecting now seems prudent … not to mention, fun.

As this is a personal preference and you ask… do you care about collecting drops?

Daniel, if you consider, my in-game “speed and distance” is a reflection of what I’m doing IRL (less the environmental factors). so… the calculation isn’t difficult, it already exists, it just needs to be applied to the time spent “warming up”.

With no offense meant, if you guys don’t support it… move on to something else you do support. I’m very interested in having all the time I spend “in-game” being credited. I like the new level unlocks, I like to have it applied to my goal of touring Italy. it’s fun. and I spend a good amount of time that’s not being credited or counted toward exactly similar time/action when I am getting credit… this seems like something that makes sense.