Why is Zwift adding time to my stage rides?

Today I rode Stage 6 in the Tour de Zwift in 2:30, but the time registered at 2:51 when I uploaded the ride. Anyone know why?

Did you warm-up for 21min?

I previously noticed that Zwift would include the warmup time when looking at total ride time in the Companion app. However, when viewing race results or uploads to Strava, only the actual moving portion/time was shown/sent.

Maybe you had a pee stop? There’re 2 times: time “on the bike” (elapsed) and moving time (riding time). The difference is are data with 0’s included or not.

But i know what you’re saying. I don’t know if Zwift counts WU time also.

I think it might be adding the warm up time. That would be about the correct amount of time. I didn’t make any bio stops during the stage. Thanks for the suggestions!