Zwift adds extra time after my run

I wonder if anyone can help me.
I am quite new to Zwift. About a week or so with the treadmill.
When I do a run for instance 5k. I compleatley the run in around 24min but when I leave and save the run. On my activities it will log it at around 32min. I stop and save the run as soon as I finish the line, so it’s not that.

But interestingly it is linked to my Garmin app and that shows it at the same correct time that was on the screen when I cross the line.

Don’t know if others have the same issue and if there is a setting or something that needs to be changed.
Any help appreciated.


Are these sessions free runs or a 5k as an event/race?

If part of an event/race Zwift will show the total time (elapsed time) you were in game (sitting in the pens waiting for the start) whereas Garmin/Strava use moving time. In essence it’s like Gun Time vs Chip Time in a IRL race.

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