End of race leaderboards and congrats

As soon as I crossed the finish line, the road was populated with the other thousands of cyclists that were not in the race.   The leaderboard disappeared and I don’t know how to recall it.  

Wouldn’t it be nice if the road would stay clear for five minutes or so while the other race contestants finished so we could congratulate each other and talk about our experience?    

Instead . . . . it’s just OVER.  


You can’t recall the results. All you can do is few the results later at zwiftpower.com

Yeah some sort of 5 minute optional cool-down after the event where you’re still in the event would be good.

I would add to the list “auto select” to see our place. It is quite difficult to find our “nearests” opponents

You can view the results on zwift after you finish an event. When your ride summary pops up in the bottom right where the achievements is listed you should see your event name with an icon to the right. Click on the icon and the results will show up on your screen. At that moment you can give ride ons to all participants you rode/ran with.