Structured Warmup Before Races

Like when you join a race 11 minutes from start a structured warmup routine kicks in at 10 minute mark until the race start.

When you join 5 minute before race a different structured warmup for the 5 minute with some high cadence work etc.

This should be added to options menu so people can disable that feature.

I want this feature because I don’t like to ride in open world before a race and I usually don’t have a motivation for warming up waiting for the race, I usually just soft pedal.

Just discovered this old post and would like to add my voice to the request. I’ve done the TdZ this winter and am doing the ToW now, and also usually just end up doing some unstructured spinning in the start pen.

My suggestion would be that Zwift could provide specific workouts for the following:

  • Warm up: A long ramp with some short sprints / steady efforts to get the blood flowing, like the warm-up portion of the 20-min FTP test.

  • Cool down: A long ramp down.

  • Recovery: A long active recovery ride

I know that all of these exist as parts of other workouts, but I find most of the warm-up / cool downs from a standard workout too short to prepare for or recover from a hard event. The warm-up and cool-down sections of the FTP test are ideal, IMO, and there are some recovery rides hidden in some of the 12-week plans, but I always waste time digging around looking for them.

It would be really helpful to have a separate folder containing these workouts; you call it “Warm Up / Cool Down / Recovery” or something like that so that users don’t have to go digging for this stuff or create their own by editing existing workouts. Copying and editing the files from the FTP test is going to be my workaround solution, but Zwift really should just provide these warm-up / cool-down workouts as separate files.

I would say not everyone has the same warmup routine. Best would be to create your own and put then in separate folders.

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That’s true, but wouldn’t it be a nice idea to have a basic example for those who are just starting out? Once you have an idea of what works for you, sure, build your own.

This will be some good info.

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I use this one: