Cooldown mode allowing steady pedaling

As described in further detail below, I would like to see a cooldown mode, which would allow the user to start cooling down with the click of a button. As a result, the watt meter should stop simulating ascents, and to avoid temptation, on cooldown Zwift should not count your time on Sprints, and your character’s appearance should tell other zwifters that you are cooling down.

Problem: You are doing a route with lots of ascent meters/feet. You’re done with the training and want a moment to cool down but then that grueling ascent begins again. Oh, and that Sprint does look kind of tempting. And you can’t really let that zwifter pass you.

Solution: Click on Cooldown mode. On Cooldown, Zwift simulates only flat (i.e. no ascents/descents) allowing steady pedaling. Your character does not activate Sprints nor other timed routes. On the downside, you stop gaining ascent meters/feet.

Graphics: Your appearance changes (I don’t know, with a cooldown vest?) to let people know that you are cooling down. The character sips water at regular intervals. May even wave to passers by.

I don’t mean to discourage your proposal (though I doubt Zwift will do it) but the best way to handle this now is to pause your ride, go into settings, and set Trainer Difficulty to zero.

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Currently the best way to do this is create a Zone 1 or Zone 2 custom workout and when you need to cool down press the E button on your kb (or go to menu) and pick the custom workout.


Whoa, didn’t know you could do that. Good call.

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This is one of my go to workouts when I need to take it easy.

With the bias buttons I can make it a cool down ride.

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or they could easily just make a freaking cool down button…

way too much work for a quick cool down

Just a guess, but I doubt Zwift will act on this suggestion, so pick whichever workaround is best for you.

Another option: hit the U-Turn button and just go back down the hill, then select the turns that keep you on flatter roads.